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Conrad Jon Godly

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A soldier of East german grenztruppen lights a cigarette at the fall of Berlin wall, 1989-1990.

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David Lynch

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‘please do not expand the list by killing people.’

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Donald Rodney In the House of My Father
It was constructed from pieces of Rodney’s own skin removed during one of the many operations he underwent to combat sickle cell anaemia, an inherited disease that affects people of African, Caribbean, Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian ancestry

Aż któregoś dnia pojmujesz nagle, że całe twoje życie jest ohydne, nie warte zachodu, jest horrorem, czarną plamą na białym polu ludzkiej egzystencji. Pewnego ranka budzisz się z lękiem, że będziesz żyć.
— "Kraina prozaca" (Elizabeth Wurtzel)
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Kurt Cobain Interview by Much Music, Seattle, August 10, 1993

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